SixteenZero Casual

SixteenZero Casual is the best CS:GO analytics platform designed to make you a better player. Get Early Access today!

Professional Analytics for Every Player

SixteenZero's analytics have helped multiple professional teams succeed among fierce competition.

Our casual analytics platform takes many of the same tools and concepts and applies them to your data. Upload a demo and obtain an unparalleled level of insight into your play.

Next-Level Statistics for Next-Level Play

Counter-Strike offers the ability to look at every tick of the game in complete detail.

So we use this complete dataset to provide new stats unlike any other service. Measurements of reaction time, crosshair placement, and damage rate per engagement will have you rethinking what makes a great Counter-Strike player.

Situational Analytics

Counter-Strike is a situational game.

Your analytics solution should give you the ability to understand the situational nature of the game. SixteenZero gives you the power to analyze nuanced situations. Want to understand how a player performs at bench during a B-site rush on Mirage against players rushing catwalk? SixteenZero gives you the power to filter and analyze in every tool we build.